Hi, I'm Nicola! I'm an italian engineering student in Stockholm.
I work as a developer and researcher, and I like music, food, paragliding and of course technology!

More about me

I'm a student at the European Institute of Innovation and Technologies, attending a Master of science in Cloud and Network Infrastructures between the University of Trento and the KTH of Stockholm.
I received the bachelor degree in Information and Communication Engineering at the University of Trento, and in my studies I attended courses related to electromagnetism, electronics, electrical engineering, programming, analog and digital telecommunications and networks, as well as a background in mathematics and physics.

I am an ETRP-Senior at the ELEDIA Research Center, where my research activity is focused on Wireless Services, Systems, and Devices. I am responsible for the Activities of "Dissemination and Communication" of the group.

As a developer, I build web apps and web-based software for privates or companies. I know many programming languages and I have team work and project management skills.

My career as a musician began in 2007 with the traditional piano course at the conservatory of Trento / Riva del Garda, where I then studied music composition. I am interested in the interaction between music and technology, and I have studied analysis and synthesis techniques, developing skills in programming languages and software for synthesis and audio processing.

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  • 2019 / 2021   Master degree - Cloud and Network Infrastructures
    European Institute of Technology | University of Trento - Trento - Italy | KTH Royal Institute of technology - Stockholm - Sweden    [In Progress]
  • 2016 / 2019   Bachelor degree - Information and communication engineering
    University of Trento - Trento - Italy
  • 2007 / 2018   Traditional course - Piano and Musical Composition
    Conservatorio di Musica F.A. Bonporti - Trento/Riva del Garda - Italy
  • 2011 / 2016   High school diploma - Technician in electronics and automation
    Istituto tecnico "Giacomo Floriani" - Riva del Garda - Italy

Work Experience

  • 2020 / now   ETRP Senior - Eledia Research Center UniTn
    Research activity in the field of Wireless Services, Systems and Devices.
  • 2019 / 2019   Internship - University of Trento
    Research activity in the field of mesh networks, project entitled "Analysis of the performance of a mesh network based on the WiFi protocol".
  • 2014 / now   Web Developer - Freelance
    Occasional assignments for the development of web applications, websites and web-based management software.
  • 2017 / now   Student Advisor - University of Trento
    Orientation of future students in high schools and events.
  • 2015 / 2015   Computer technician - Riva del Garda Fierecongressi spa
    Occasional occupation as a technician for IT assistance to speakers.
  • 2014 / 2014   Internship - Iiriti Sas
    Electronic technician, repairs and assistance.


  • 2019   Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    Google - iab - The Open University
  • 2019   Radio station operator licence, class A
    Ministero dello sviluppo economico - Dipartimento comunicazioni
  • 2019   English IELTS Academic 6.5
    Ielts - British Council
  • 2011   ECLD - European Computer Driving Licence
    Ecdl Foundation


  • course   StartUp Lab - a business experience in an international group
  • interview   La nostra piattaforma sulla pandemia - Salto.bz
  • interview   PandemicData: tutti i dati sul Covid-19 - l'Universitario
  • workshop   AgriHack - iot solutions for agriculture with Arduino cloud
  • course   Audio systems and programming and languages
  • hackathon   TOBiHack - Vodafone artificial intelligence
  • hackathon   Vertical Innovation hackathonk
  • workshop   "Emozionare con la Scienza" - scientific public speaking

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