Spectrum analysis and audio synthesis with Max

Spectrum analysis and recognition of known models, project realized for Cycling Max 5.1.

26/03/2019 - Max is a graphic development environment for multimedia, used by musicians and technicians for audio analysis, synthesis and processing. The objects that Max makes available to the user are hundreds, and allow you to create software for many purposes, integrating classic functions of an object-oriented programming language and processing techniques typical of audio.

The project I created for the Systems and programming languages ​​for audio course that I attended at the Conservatory of Trento consists in a patch able to analyze the spectrum of an input audio signal (from microphone or recorded on file) and compare it with known models.

Filters centered on the fundamental and its first 5 integers multiples allow you to measure the volume of each harmonic, and a mathematical function determines how much that harmonic contributes to the creation of the total sound. Oscillators reconstruct the sound in additive synthesis following the model of sampled volumes, and a maximum likelihood decision algorithm compares the input sound with known patterns of sung vowels, deciding for the most similar one.

Full documentation and patch for Max are available online:


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