Agri Hack - IOT, Arduino and plants on Twitter

Demo project based on arduino iot cloud and IFTTT, created during the Agri Hack workshop.

16/04/2019 - At the AgriHack, an event organized at the Muse Museum, in Trento, by Speck & Tech, I participated in a team with Stella and Davide at a workshop on Arduino iot cloud , held by platform developers. It was about a technology that is still in beta test phase, which allows you to configure a network setup in a few minutes for an arduino board. The main topic was agriculture, and all the ideas developed concern precisely the interaction between the Internet of Things and the world of plants.

Our project collects data from the environment surrounding a plant, and when sensors reach certain values, the system Tweets on behalf of the vegetable. In this way, on the Twitter account of the plant, you will read posts like "What a thirst, with today's heat!" or "Thanks for this fresh water!". The Arduino board, connected to the network, sends sensors data for humidity, temperature and brightness of the environment to the cloud.

The operation is based on the Arduino iot Cloud platform, where the data coming from sensors connected to the board, in addition to being stored and made available on a dashboard, can cause a call to a script, hosted on Google cloud , which takes care of checking the measured values.

If one of the measures falls within the expected range, the script calls the IFTTT platform, which in turn can perform various operations with many of the social services, including Twitter.

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